How to Rent

  1. Outdoor equipment rental requests can be made through this website and must be submitted at least 2 FULL BUSINESS DAYS IN ADVANCE (3 FOR RAFTS).
  2. Start by clicking the Rent Now button above to browse our equipment.
  3. Once you have located an item you would like to rent, enter a date range and click the "Check Availability and Price" button.
  4. If the item is available and within your budget, click the "Checkout" button. If not, click "Back."
  5. After clicking "Checkout," you can either (1) continue shopping by hitting the "Items" or "Packages" buttons at the top or (2) review your purchase by clicking "Checkout" (again).
  6. Fill out the request form completely, using the billing address for your credit card. If you need to make note of sizes or other options, do so here. Whether you wish to pay by cash or credit card, please select the "Cash on delivery" payment method. (Payments cannot be made online.)
  7. Once your reservation request has been received, a member of our Outdoor Recreation Division will contact you to arrange payment and pickup of your equipment at our Ross Park shop. Please be patient as our staff is often outdoors or works part-time hours only.
  8. Please read the terms and conditions, including the late fees and replacement costs. You agree to these terms when you remit payment. We will provide you a copy with your rental.
  9. Questions should be sent to (preferred). You may also call the Outdoor Recreation Division at 208-234-6237. If no one is in the office, please leave a message.