We are located at the intersection of I-15 and I-84 in Pocatello, Idaho!

Located at the Gateway of Idaho we want to offer you the best deal around to get you on your river section. Most trips that travel up the I-15 corridor from Provo, Salt Lake, or Ogden, Utah come right through Pocatello when they are traveling to either the Main Salmon, or the Middle Fork of the Salmon. We can easily have your equipment ready to throw on your trailer, and get you quickly on your way to one of the greatest adventures in the world. Hey, we can even have it loaded on one of our trailers and you can just back in and go!

If you find yourself driving through Pocatello for any reason to get to the Selway, Lochsa, Hells Canyon, or any of the other great Idaho Rivers, give us a look and see if we can offer what you need. If you are in Pocatello, or another town from higher up north, and you are headed down to Utah or Arizona to get some rafting in on the Green River, Colorado River, or Yampa we have what you're looking for.

We will list here some of the GPS locations for the Put-ins and Take-outs of some popular rivers, as well as a few fun facts.

Middle Fork

Marsh Creek Put-in
Latitude:  44.44916
Longitude:  -115.23028

Boundary Creek Put-in
Latitude:  44.52888
Longitude:  -115.29556

Indian Creek Put-in
Charter a plane, probably out of Stanley

Cache Bar Take-out
Latitude:  45.33944
Longitude:  -114.66556

Main Salmon

Corn Creek Put-in
Latitude:  45.36555
Longitude:  -114.69223

Carey Creek Take-out
Latitude:  45.45323331
Longitude:  -115.94587683


Carey Creek Take-out
Latitude:  45.45323331
Longitude:  -115.94587683

Paradise Falls Put-in
Latitude:  45.86888
Longitude:  -114.7625

Selway Falls Take-out
Latitude:  46.0525
Longitude:  -115.24973

Hell's Canyon

Hell's Canyon Dam Put-in
Latitude:  45.25222
Longitude:  -116.70667

Pittsburg Landing Take-out
Latitude:  45.6175
Longitude:  -116.46945

Desolation/Grey Canyon

Sand Wash Put-in
Latitude:  40.08566
Longitude:  -109.67605

Swasey's Take-out
Latitude:  38.99523
Longitude:  -110.14316